Frequently Asked Questions

What Information Is Needed To Make A Rubberstamp?

In most cases, you are needed to provide us with your company name and box number and any specific instructions you may have. Our skilled team will then create a custom design tailored to your requirements and share the proof design with you for confirmation before production.

How Long Will It Take To Make A Rubberstamp?

In most cases, it take just 1 hour, unless there are special complex instructions like maybe logo's that need to be redesigned etc.

How Do I Place An Order For Rubber stamp?

Online Order: To order a rubber stamp, select your desired product(s) then simply click on the "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" button. Our user-friendly ordering process will guide you step by step, including where to enter your custom details. It's a seamless experience designed to make placing your order quick and easy. We will immediately get in touch with you.

Do You Prioritize Clear and Effective Communication with Customers For Orders & Inquiries?

We immediately respond to orders and inquiries, listen attentively to your needs, and provide comprehensive assistance throughout the rubber stamp creation process. We ensure that you are well-informed and involved every step of the way, resulting in a seamless and satisfactory experience.

Do You Offer Delivery Services?

Yes, we offer a delivery service for your rubber stamps. We have partnered with dedicated riders to ensure quick and convenient delivery to your doorstep at a small fee communicated in advance, making the process hassle-free and efficient for you.

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What are customers saying about our services and products?

  • Testimonial

    Carison Ltd's rubberstamp service exceeded my expectations. The process was efficient, and the staff was professional and helpful. The quality of the rubberstamp is exemplary, with clear and precise imprints. Their attention to detail is commendable. I highly recommend Carison Ltd for their exceptional service in making rubberstamps.

    Name: Joel M, Advocate Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Testimonial

    "I was extremely satisfied with the perfectly designed mock-up sample of my rubberstamp that was provided to me before the actual stamp was made. It helped to counter check all details correctly so there were no errors on the final product. Their attention to detail and expertise in creating the perfect rubberstamp exceeded my expectations. The team at Carison ltd delivered a high-quality product within the agreed timeframe. I highly recommend their services for all rubberstamp needs."

    Name: Ruth O. Business Owner Kisumu, Kenya